Emily was a mom and wife that loved her family so much.  What she was struggling with was that her son was often sick and struggled with minor health issues.  Over the counter medications weren’t really helping so she took him to the pediatrician. He had many suggestions and prescriptions but Emily was not comfortable with these especially after seeing the side effects they had.  She was feeling a bit frustrated with the health care system and that fact that they really didn’t look for a root cause and cure but rather a way to mask each symptom as it occurred.

Emily and her husband Tim were living comfortably but they didn’t have enough extra money for retirement, nice vacations or college when it was time for their son to attend.  They both worked at jobs that were OK but not what they aspired to do forever.  They wanted more time and money to be able to go on trips, make memories with their son and their extended families, and support the causes in life they were passionate about.

Emily came to learn about essential oils and the support they provided for many health challenges and even just cleaning her house or elevating the mood in the house aromatically.  She ordered her first oils and was so impressed with the many ways to use them that she wanted to share with all her friends and family.  She then looked into the fact that she could build a business in the essential oil field and it was even more intriguing. Tim could join her in this business and they could spend more time together as a family and travel with their business so all their goals could be accomplished while working in a field they were passionate about.

My Personal Before and After story

20 years ago I was miserable. My fibromyalgia was getting worse and modern medicine was just not working for me. I had a successful business for years and had to sell it and stay home because of health issues. My medical bills were piling up and because of my declining health, I was not able to spend enough time with my family and friends.

My research led me to a path of taking a holistic approach, meaning looking at the whole picture, diet, exercise, lifestyle and environment. The dramatic change in the quality of my life made it my passion to share this with everyone and has evolved into the most rewarding job on the planet ~ helping others live longer, happier and healthier lives.

Today my medical expenses are low and I enjoy the financial earnings that come with my amazing career to get out and travel to new destinations. We were able to give my daughter the wedding of her dreams in Hawaii and bring along family and friends. Last fall we traveled to Germany for Oktoberfest (which was on my husband’s bucket list). This spring we are taking our whole family on a cruise through the Panama Canal.

I get to work from home on my own hours, spend more time with my family and fit in time for the stuff I love to do such as quilting, cooking and arts and crafts. We are also looking for the waterfront home of my dreams.

I feel blessed to have this calling and to share it with others and I would love to have you join me so you can share your OWN personal before and after story with others.

Some questions you should ask yourself: 

  • Do I want someone with a lot of experience with different health concerns to answer my questions?
  • Do I want an essential oil expert?
  • Do I want a Certified Holistic Health Coach?
  • Do I want someone who is focused on my needs with a no pressure philosophy?
  • Do I want someone who will support me?
  • Do I need someone available by phone, email, text or Facebook Messenger
  • Do I want a community of like-minded people wanting a more natural lifestyle?

I am a certified Holistic Health Coach, Essential Oil Instructor and Expert. I have probably spent as much time researching as most PhD’s. I’ve written hundreds of protocols and had countless success stories. I love creative problem solving and have yet to find a problem I can’t solve.

Here is what you get when you partner with me:

  • I have permanent online classes that are available for you to watch at your convenience and regular Facebook classes. I’m always happy to create one for a topic you’d like. Our team is worldwide and we have local classes in many areas. I travel frequently and am always willing to teach in your area when I visit.
  • I have 2 Facebook groups that you can join as well as an active Facebook page.
  • I have a private, exclusive team database about essential oils, protocols and information on how they can used to support different health issues and much more.
  • I love to interact with my team and am available to answer questions and support you on multiple platforms to fit what you work best with and even in non business hours.
  • I provide world class support to my team leaders building a business. I have special sales training classes, mindset classes, mentoring, coaching and tools to help you succeed. I believe I’ll be successful when you are and I strive to never pressure or behave like a boss.  My role is to help lead, inspire and support you as a business partner.

As your partner and mentor, I will be there every step of the way to guide you. I have been selling essential oils for 5 years and as a top provider, I know what it takes to SUCCEED. I want to share this with you

If the above sounds like you – let’s talk. Let’s find out if we are a good fit for each other!

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