gin’s diet aka The Alaska Healer Dietgin's diet

The diet is pretty simple.

Foods to AVOID:
Wheat (aka white flour, wheat flour, unbleached flour, enriched wheat flour)
No Sugar (white, brown, raw, etc.)
Artificial Sweeteners
High Frutose Corn Syrup
Processed Foods
Refined Foods

Foods you should AVOID:
White Rice (brown rice is okay)
Oats that are not marked gluten free
Foods labeled low or no-fat (that aren’t naturally that way)
Canola Oil
Soy Oil
Fruit Juice

Foods you should LIMIT:
Natural sugars such as honey, molasses, agave, etc.
Corn (except fresh)
Dried Foods
High sugar vegetable juices such as carrot

Foods you can eat (preferably organic):
Organic Dairy
Lean Meats
Low sugar fruit (berries, granny smith apples)
Brown Rice
Whole grains
Stevia (I use Nunaturals brand)
Sweet Potatoes

There is no question that eliminating just wheat and refined sugars from your diet will help you lose weight and you will enjoy much better health. Switching to organic can help you limit toxic chemicals and other synthetics that can take the pressure off your liver and internal organs. Doing this diet and adding PB Assist probiotic can make all the difference in helping supporting a healthy balanced body.

The preferred method of implementing this is to only eat foods on the ‘you can eat’ list for 30 days, then gradually add back in the Limit foods. I also recommend drinking plenty of water. Often thirst is confused with hunger.

If you are looking at this and cringing, try switching to gluten free first and then gradually make adjustments, removing the white rice flour and other starchy white gluten replacements. Then follow it with removing the sugar.

I know it sounds hard, but it really isn’t as hard as you might thing. There are so many gluten free options that are really quite good, it is much easier than it was in years past.

1. Tinkyada Brown rice pasta is very good. Just watch it the first time you make it so it doesn’t over cook.
2. Organic corn tortillas are quite good… but they must be cooked and not in a microwave. They are best fried with a little oil or grilled. High heat is a must.
3. Gluten free pizza crusts – put them in the oven and cook for a little bit (usually 5 min) before putting toppings on.
4. Hate brown rice? Try brown jasmine rice. It is milder and has a slightly nuttier flavor. It comes out perfectly in the Instant Pot (link below).
5. Thicken sauces and gravies with corn starch. Skip the roux and dissolve the cornstarch in a little water before adding it.
6. Looking for recipes? Try searching for Paleo, ER4YT or South Beach. Super old Atkins recipe books have some good ones. Avoid the new ones and their processed foods because they are loaded with stuff that shouldn’t enter your body. There are many websites out there with great recipes. One of my favorite places to cruise recipes is:
7. Butter, romaine and green leaf lettuce are great replacements for bread and tortillas.
8. Keep in mind, ignore the nutrition labels, where it says sugar grams. Look at the ingredients. If a food doesn’t have a sugar listed as an ingredient but has grams of sugar you can eat it.
9. If overeating is an issue for you, try incorporating dōTERRA’s Slim and Sassy and use a smaller plate and make sure food doesn’t touch.


Q:I don’t have time to cook from scratch?
A: Get an instant pot. Set aside a little time on the weekend and make batches of things. The truth is, often it adds 10 – 15 minutes to your cook time. Which one do I use? Link at the bottom of the page.

Q: I don’t know how to cook?
A: I have some recipe books below that can help you.

Q: I hate vegetables?
A: Get a Vitamix and check out my Green Smoothie page. Add a drop or two of dōTERRA Cinnamon or Fennel and a little stevia. You adjust pretty quickly. 

Q: I am diabetic and I’ve been told I have to only eat white and processed foods.
A: That is old school. New school is whole grains and balance. I’ve yet to have a diabetic have an issue with this diet. All that have done it have had improvements in their labs. Any doctor will tell you that if you catch it early enough, diet and exercise are all that is needed (Type II only) and that for those who don’t catch it early enough diet and exercise can greatly improve and often result in a lowering or ending medication.

Q: What about coffee?
A: Yes I’m remarkably silent on coffee. You should give it up. It is not good for you. But I can’t give it up so I’m not going to ask you to.

Q: I can’t give up soda/pop?
A: There are several options. Carbinated water really isn’t good for you but the alternatives are worse. There are several brand of Stevia sweetened sodas. Blue Skies and Zevia to name a few. If you can live without carbination, Sobe Zero is good.
Also, a drop of citrus oil, and a dropper full of liquid stevia with San Pellegrino Is a great treat.

Q: How can you recommend Stevia. It is bitter and awful?
A: Most of the store brands are. I use Nunaturals. It might not be perfect but I like it and it is better than the alternative.

Q: I’ve tried cooking brown rice and I can never get it right?
A: Instant Pot. Link below. It really is a magical device.


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