Freeze Dried Foods - Are They Good For

Are Freeze Dried Foods Good For You?

Are freeze dried foods good for you? I keep hearing ‘better than fresh’ or ‘better than natural’ when it comes to freeze dried foods. After spending time researching it, I can’t find any solid evidence that this is true. More convenient… possibly. I don’t think having to re-hydrate my food saves time unless I’m throwing…

DIY Recipes Gardeners hands

DIY Recipes for Gardener’s Hands

If you are like me, I look forward to digging in the dirt and playing in my garden when it starts to warm up! While gardening is fun, it has its own set of issues… like destroying my manicure and leaving me with dirty, stained, and dry hands. I always am so amazing at how…

Dippin' fun

Essential Dips

Who doesn’t like a good party? Who doesn’t like a good dip? How about we combine them! My friends and I like to do theme parties. It all started years ago when we would do International Night and the hosting couple would pick a country and we’d all bring food from that region. After all…



Grief. It is the one thing that all of us dread. There are so many things that can cause grief. There is the obvious one, when someone passes away, but there are many other things that can send people deep into grief. It all depends on the person. Some grieve deeply over their pets. Some…



Stress kills. How many times have you said “I’m so stressed” or felt like you were under a mountain of pressure. There are many types of stress and some of it we can control and some we can’t. We stop eating right, binge on food that is bad for us, stop taking supplements, stop exercising…



Essential Ham Glaze

Ham is one of my favorite holiday treats and after years of experimenting with different glaze recipes, here is the one that is my favorite. I hope you enjoy!

baked apples

Essential Baked Cinnamon Apples

Does anyone remember the old Brady Bunch episode where Peter Brady says “pork chops and applesauce”? I always think about it when I’m cooking pork chops and when I do, baked apples are always on the menu. I know apple sauce is the tradition but this way I can combine dinner and dessert, and who…

Dust Mites

Who hasn’t heard about Dust Mites? Close ups of them rival horror film monsters (shudder). Those little nasty guys hide in fibers and eat flakes of skin (double shudder). It is their droppings that over 20 million Americans are sensitive too. I haven’t paid much attention to this issue because I don’t struggle with issues…

gentle cleanse alaska healer

Gentle Cleanse

The last step in our New Year… make it your year program to get healthy is a cleanse. Don’t panic! I know cleanses are scary. I remember being in someone’s kitchen several years ago and she was adding vegetables to a boiling pot and she explained she was concocting a broth that she was going…