Ginny EisemanHi, my name is Ginny Eiseman and I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach. My passion is in helping women with their and their family’s health challenges by finding natural solutions so that they can get off the endless cycle of trying things that don’t work and have nasty side effects.

My belief is that our modern health care system is driven by huge corporations that have forgotten that medicine was meant to heal and not profit.  My mission is to end needless suffering and give people their voice and control of their health back. I can help you discover natural ways to have the best health possible.

On a personal note, I’m happily married with two beautiful daughters. I love quilting, cooking, painting, reading and research. I am also passionate about animals and am very supportive of dog rescue. I live in the beautiful rainforest in Southeast Alaska on the island city of Ketchikan. We have a total of 28 miles of road and 3 stoplights. Our population is only about 14,000 but we get over 1 million cruise ship passengers who visit us each year.  We get over 13 feet of rain a year but we are not tropical; we are a temperate rainforest surrounded with beautiful pine and cedar trees and mountains


My journey into Holistic Healing started over twenty years ago.  I started with some chronic pain and it progressed over the years.  I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia but modern medicine just didn’t work for me. The side effects from all the drugs were killing me.  I knew there had to be a better way.


I’ve always been passionate about research. For me it is fascinating to have a question and sift through the puzzle to find an answer. I decided to focus that energy on finding something nature intended for healing and not synthetics designed to mask symptoms. My research lead me to natural solutions for my health issues. The dramatic change in the quality of my life made it my passion to share this with everyone and has evolved into the most rewarding job on the planet ~ helping others live longer, happier and healthier lives. I feel blessed to have this calling and to share it with others.

My Mission is now to help give women back control of their own and their family’s health when they feel helpless and unheard; by giving them natural options and creating custom wellness programs that are easy to implement and match their lifestyle.


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  1. Hello, I am wondering if we could set up a phone consultations for you to help me with my ear. It is plugged. Eustachian tube a fluid.

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