There are many pathways for a business opportunity with me if you choose. 

First, I feel compelled to point out that we are different than many other companies that sell their product through those that work from home. They have absolutely no ordering minimums or requirements. They have no policy or expectation that you sell product or do the business on any level. The Independent Consultant membership is a wholesale membership that is intended to offer you the best price on the product with no strings attached. If you want to do the business, we welcome you with open arms. If you want to use the products we welcome you with open arms too. We are just happy you are using essential oils and have options for a healthier happier life.

Generally there are three different levels that people most commonly. I like to call them pathways because for me, it led me to a path I’d never considered or dreamed possible. I like to suggest you read these and think about what sounds like a good choice for you. Keep in mind, just because you start on one path doesn’t mean you can’t step onto another path later if it fits your needs.

Pathway One:  Someone who is just wanting to pay for their oils and/or get their oils for free…. Someone who wants to share like this just wants to casually share with family and friends. Someone who shares like this usually over a period of several months is paying for the oils and getting them for free.

Pathway Two: Someone who wants to supplement their income. They don’t necessarily want to quit their job, but want to make more money. Someone who wants to build like this wants to make anywhere between 1,000  to 4, 000 a month. Someone who wants to build like this has to be willing to commit to at least 3-4 hrs/wk. What will happen is over time they will make that kind of money.

Pathway Three: Someone who wants to replace their income. Someone who wants to build like this is someone who wants to make anywhere between 5,000 to 10,000 a month. Someone who wants to build like this would need to plan on committing 20 plus hours a week.

Criteria for different choices:

Pathway #3:

  1. 150 point Autoship/Monthly Order that ships by the 10th of each month. 
  2. Modern Essentials and Essential Life books
  3. Find 3 Pathway 3 Business Builders
  4. Make 3 new contacts a day
  5. Spends 10 – 20 hours a week or more on profit generating activities until Diamond rank then full time.
  6. Written Goals
  7. Go to Events and Training
  8. Go to Convention annually and Leadership Retreat when eligible.

Pathway #2:

  1. 100 point Autoship/Monthly Order that ships by the 10th of each month.
  2. Modern Essentials and Essential Life books
  3. Find 3 Pathway 2 or 3 Business Builders
  4. Make 2 new contacts a day
  5. Spends 5 – 8 hours a week on profit generating activities.
  6. Written Goals
  7. Go to Events and Training
  8. Try to go to Convention

Pathway #1:          

This pathway is a little different because it depends on how you choose to pursue it. This pathway can be accomplished without a Autoship/Monthly Order, although most do place a 100 point Autoship/Monthly Order that ships by the 10th of each month for maximum benefit. Now you might have looked at the different pathways and found that you are in between one or the other. Or you might find that one appeals to you the most but you can’t do all of the criteria for it. The criteria aren’t absolutes and we can be flexible. If you find yourself in that position or if you have questions, we should talk about it and I can help you find which is best for you.
For all pathways, we do everything possible for you to be successful. Our team has the highest income generated of any team in our company and accounts for 70% of its sales. We have many exclusive tools and opportunities. In addition, I am always available for mentoring and accountability partnering. I will work as hard as you do toward your success. I am always looking for those interested in any level of the business.

On rare occasions our team will have an opportunity that you can step into an existing spot that may already have a team set up and even in some cases commissions generating.  Those positions will be posted on the Business Opportunity and in some cases may have specific criteria we are looking for. For a position that is open, the candidate must be new to and have never been an Independent Consultant for the company.

 If you are already an existing Independent Consultant on our team and want to start building a business, please let us know right away, that is always welcome!

What about teaching classes? Do I have to teach?
This is one of the most common questions I am asked. The answer is yes and no. The fastest way to build your business is to teach classes but there are people who have successfully built without ever teaching a class. We make it easy to teach classes. We have a Class in a Box kit that has all the materials and you just pop in a DVD and play it on your TV. We can do Skype and Facebook classes. For teaching your own classes I have special training techniques to make it much easier and less stressful. We also have team members all over the world who are happy to help. Most Pathway 2 and 3 builders do learn to teach classes overtime.

What help do you provide to help me reach my goals?
First you decide your pathway, how much time you have to work toward it and how quickly you want to get there. Together we create a plan that meets your needs. We have training programs, videos, team calls, and I personally mentor you. My team generated over a million dollars in sales last year and our Blue Diamond averages over 10 Million a month. We are committed to helping people achieve freedom, whether it is in their wellness or financially. Most important, we do it at your pace with your goals in mind and without pressure or demands. I believe my goals will happen organically as my team realize theirs.

I am happy to provide an Earnings & Opportunity Disclosure Statement and the Compensation Plan via email upon request.

Curious about average earnings?

If you are open to one of these Pathways, please contact me so we can set up a time to chat:

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